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When you purchase legal services/documents on the Web, be an informed consumer.  You have a great deal at stake when you execute a will, create a corporation or a limited liability company, or apply for a trademark. A small mistake can render your entire document invalid.

If you've been watching cable TV lately, you can't miss Attorney Robert Shapiro, of O.J. Simpson fame claiming that using™ to generate your legal documents will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars vs. using an attorney, and "We put the law on your side." 

What is LegalZoom™ really?    Click here to see a side-by-side comparison.

While™ claims that every legal document undergoes a "professional review", in the United States, only lawyers are permitted to provide legal advice to clients.

You are paying a very high price for legal forms that you can often find for free on the Internet, on sites like this Web site.  If all you want and need is a legal form, why pay LegalZoom™ prices for what is, in reality, no more than a legal forms service?

It is not a fair comparison to say that using™ can save you thousands of dollars over using an attorney. This is like comparing apples and oranges. 

Unbundled Legal Services

Previously, law firms have resisted offering "unbundled legal services."  The term "unbundled" legal services means that the client purchases only the legal services they need, and no more. Times have changed. The network of virtual law firms now offers legal forms bundled with legal advice for a fixed fee. The fees charged by a virtual law firm may be lower than LegalZoom™'s fee or slightly higher. But when you use an attorney, you are getting much more value for your money because a true legal service is included and can make a difference in the outcome and make sure you obtain a legal solution that you fits your particular situation.

Compare™ to™

Compare the difference between a paralegal documentation preparation web site, and a law firm with a virtual law practice:

Features & Benefits™ Virtual Law Firm™
Legal Advice Included Yes No
Malpractice Insurance - Law Firm Accountability Yes No
Pricing and Fees Same as LegalZoom™ or slightly higher. Over priced for what you get.
Conforms to Bar Ethics Rules Yes No
Licensed and regulated by a State Bar Yes No
Confirms to American Bar Association "Best Practices Guidelines" Yes No
Required to Check for Conflicts of Interest Yes No
Required to Adhere to State Bar Confidentiality Requirements Yes No
Utilizes State of the Art Document Automation Technology To Save You Money. Yes No
Custom Drafting of Documents Yes No
Option for Full service Legal Representation if Necessary Yes No

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What are "Unbundled Legal Services"?
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